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Rhetoric & Informal Fallacies: Why Everyone Should Be an Atheist

Atheism is by far a much better worldview than Christianity. For the last 2 months, my Christian friend Sarah has been stealing from the cash register at her work. And just yesterday, my friend Doug, who is also a Christian, was caught shoplifting at the local grocery store. Obviously, stealing has become a requirement of being a Christian these days. (hasty generalization) I mean seriously! These people think that they can just take whatever they want, when they want to! What an outrage! (appeal to indignation) And Christian authors, such as CS Lewis and Timothy Keller, are not any better with the hidden motives and irrational claims concealed within their books. It is no wonder why statistics are showing that atheists live happier and emotionally healthier lives than believers do. (false cause post hoc ergo propter hoc)

New York Pastor, Timothy Keller, recently wrote a book called “The Reason for God” in which he seemingly (weasel word) justified the reasons for why God exists. But of course he argues this way, the more people he can convert to Christianity, the more likely people will become members of his church. And since the tithing amount of a church determines the salary of its pastor, the wealthier Keller will become. (ad hominem circumstantial) Clearly this book is just another self-motivated publication, which is a sufficient enough reason to reject any arguments it might contain. (downplayer)

In another Christian book titled “Mere Christianity,” CS Lewis wrote, “God can show Himself as He really is only to real men.” This plainly displays that CS Lewis does not think that women are capable of knowing God. But how can this be if CS Lewis believes in the bible? The book of John clearly states that, “God is for everyone.” This just shows that CS Lewis’ arguments are nonsense and that he obviously doesn’t have any idea what he is talking about. (straw man)

Recent statistics show that atheists are in fact more emotionally healthy than believers are. (proof surrogate) So the choices we have are to either be freethinking individuals (euphemism) that sustain emotional health, or to be cult members (dysphemism) that experience severe depression and emotional illnesses. (false dichotomy) But a high rate of emotional illness will most certainly lead to an overall decreased ability for workers to perform their required job functions. This will force an unstoppable rise in unemployment and cause an increase in cities’ homeless populations and crime rates. It is easy to see that becoming an atheist is the right choice to make. (slippery slope)

In conclusion, although Christians are always arguing that atheism is wrong, there have been several cases where atheists have been right. Just last week I saw an atheist weatherman predict rain for the weekend, and come Saturday, it was pouring! (red herring) Furthermore, if everybody were an atheist, they would save ten percent of their income by not donating to a church, have more free time on Sundays and guiltlessly sleep with whoever they want to, anytime, anyplace. Without a doubt, atheism is by far a better worldview than Christianity.