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What If Conscious Realism Is True?

If conscious realism is true, then there’s reality as it appears to us in our perceptual user-interface, and there’s objective reality as it really is. I believe that if one were to accept such a theory, they would necessarily begin living their life in alignment with the laws of the objective or “ultimate” reality. I also believe, in accordance with Dr. Hoffman’s theory, that even once we are aware that there is an objective reality, that very knowledge will bear no impact on how we perceive our current, subjective reality; we will continue perceiving this “user-interface” reality as we always have. But the way we interact with it will change. I believe that once the laws of ultimate reality are understood they will begin to serve as the guide for behavior in the subjective reality of which we are contained.

In order for us to live our limited human lives in a way that is properly aligned with ultimate reality, I believe that we must first have some understanding of how to achieve ultimate reality. Some believe that hours of meditation reveal the truth about ultimate reality, while others believe in the Holy Scriptures that God is ultimate reality. But whichever belief we follow, we almost always seem to arrive at the same conclusion: ultimate reality consists something of perfect truth, unity, goodness and love. But if the same understanding of ultimate reality is reached regardless of which belief is followed, then does it really matter how it is achieved, or is the only important part that it’s ultimately achieved?

I believe that how one chooses to reach ultimate reality makes a difference because I believe it plays an important role in how one chooses to orient their daily life, self-understanding and priorities to it. While I believe that human kind’s major religions are all about transcendent reality and how to align our practices to it, I believe that there is only one religion that provides the answer as to why there are even two such realities to begin with. In my opinion, the Holy Scriptures seem to explain this phenomenon. They reveal exactly what ultimate reality is and how one can go about aligning themselves to it. The Bible accounts for what the concepts of truth, unity, goodness and love are, in ways that hours of private meditation don’t seem to. How can they? If every person is (supposedly) tapping into an ultimate, objective reality, how can we be so sure? How do we know that they are not just tapping into another subjective reality, like the one they’re already trapped in?

It is for these reasons that I believe that it is possible, on the conscious realism theory, for us to live our limited lives in alignment with ultimate reality. I believe that the way to do this is by understanding that God is the ultimate reality, and that understanding enables us to orient our lives to it. I believe this also enables us to attend to what we are experiencing in a new, less egocentric way, and that because we have a Creator our lives gain meaning and significance.